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Dr. Jamie Weiner

Dr. Jamie Weiner, along with his wife, Dr. Carolyn Friend, is the co-founder of Inheriting Wisdom, a legacy strategy firm. He co-authored “The Legacy Conversation: the missing gem in wealth planning.” In addition to extensive experience as a clinical psychologist with high net worth families focused on intergenerational relationships, Dr. Weiner is an active participant in various wealth advisory organizations. Through the Family Firm Institute, he is certified in Family Wealth Advising and Family Business Advising. As a member of their editorial board, he reviews articles for the “Practitioner” publication. Recognizing the value of interdisciplinary exchange, he organizes and leads study groups focused on best practices and has been a featured speaker in a variety of industry venues. Along with Dr. Friend, he has developed and conducted several programs focused on discovering and exploring both personal and family wisdom, as well as contributing to articles featured in Private Wealth, Family Wealth Report, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

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