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Dr. Carolyn Friend

Dr. Carolyn Friend is the co-founder of Inheriting Wisdom, a legacy strategy firm. Along with her husband, Dr. Jamie Weiner, she co-authored “The Legacy Conversation: the missing gem in wealth planning.”  Based on her experience as a clinical psychologist, the focus of her work with high net worth families is on intergenerational communication and relationships, identifying those issues that can derail this valuable dialogue.  She is actively involved in 85 Broads Leadership Circle and is earning her certification in Family Business Advising through the Family Firm Institute. On a personal level, after experiencing the loss of her parents within six weeks of each other, she took the responsibility of distributing their possessions among siblings and grandchildren.  It became clear to her that the most substantive bequests were her parents’ wisdom.  This life experience contributed to the development of Inheriting Wisdom, which explores the powerful effect of family legacy on individual family members as well as the family unit.

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