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Just How Bad are the Underlying Problems?
Mike Schneck, Altair Management Partners

Following the stock market’s 100%+ rise from its lows in March 2009, hedging portfolios has carried a relative cost that has caught the attention of many investors.  The reaction to this cost can be seen in the hedge fund flow of capital data provided by Evestment Alliance.  For the trailing 12-months ended April 30, the hedge fund industry has experienced nearly $8 billion in net investor outflows.  Nearly 25% of that came from long/short equity funds.  April 2012 was the second consecutive month that saw net outflows across the hedge fund industry as a whole.

At Altair Management Partners, we are not immune to the same investor psychology that permeates the industry as a whole.  What follows are the two most common questions being asked of us by our clients, our perspective on the length of time relative performance will be “tolerated” by the average investor, and some insight into why we remain focused on maintaining our style…

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