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China - Separating Fact from Fiction

Matthews Asia
February 14th, 2014

China’s economy is slowing. More importantly, it is undertaking a rapid and strategic evolution from a model based on high levels of credit and investment to one based more on consumer spending and high-value services. As China watchers and global investors parse their data and monitor the news, this might be an opportune time to address some prominent themes and adjust a few misconceptions.

China’s growth has a profound impact on Asia and a significant effect on developed and emerging markets around the world. The economic slowdown that is underway is entirely appropriate as the world economy emerges from several years of crisis intervention, as the U.S. recovery gathers steam and as Europe steadies itself in the wake of its sovereign debt issues.

It is essential that we better understand the world’s second largest economy in order to accommodate the profound shifts taking place in this vital engine of growth. The China story—as remarkable as it has been over the past three decades—is still evolving.

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