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Recommended Reading

Below is a list of reading material, recommended by The Alliance and our Partners:

Time to Think - Nancy Kline

The Family Council Handbook - Steve McClure and Chris Eckrich

A Wealth of Possibilities - Ellen Miley Perry

Beyond Gold - Thayer Cheatham Willis

Trustworthy - Hartley Goldstone, Kathy Wiseman and James E. Hughes Jr.

The Stewardship of Wealth - Greg Curtis

Blue Ocean Strategy - W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

Conscious Capitalism - John Mackey, Rajendra Sisodia and Bill George

After the Music Stopped - Alan S. Blinder

The Fourth Turning - William Strauss and Neil ... more

Tom's Sense
Critical Decisions Slides - Fall 2012

The Family Wealth Sandbox, approx. $5.25 trillion, and the shifts in the market are significant; insights and the Four Pillars of Scalable Services; 9th Annual MFO Study, 5th Annual SFO Study, 2nd Annual Ext. CIO Study, and the Inaugural Security Study included in the ... more

Tom's Sense
Alliance Research: Critical Decisions (Video)

Tom Livergood, Chief Executive Officer, The Family Wealth Alliance, gives his vision and invaluable insights in the landscape of our industry, the shifts by decades in compensation, services, providers, threats and opportunities. Hear his perspectives in revisions in currency exchange, major issues in security and privacy, deregulation, how the next generation will lead in business, sustainability, how Silicon Valley will dominate and other surprising future ... more

Tom's Sense
Money Is On The Move - Spring Event 2012 (Video)

Some shared wisdom from some of the best minds in our industry:
"The next three to five years is the most opportunistic and exciting time in our professional lives, because money is on the move.
Our families typically have $100 million and up in assets they don’t know what they want: you must create the most sophisticated portfolio in a liquid structure.
Challenges are in limited resources, relatively small investment staffs.
They want to be taught, to be educated they want to learn something new. As an Ext. CIO., that’s my job.
Clients have a deep awareness in increased levels of risk and threats.
It’s not ... more

Tom's Sense
How Big Is It? (Video)

Tom Livergood, Chief Executive Officer, The Family Wealth Alliance, summarizes the outcomes of the 8th Annual MFO Study and the 2nd Annual Ext. CIO study. Hear his unveiling of the research on the size of the family wealth, an often confusing and fragmented marketplace. Hear his forecasting on the Four Pillars of Scalable Services, Ext. CIO, Trust Company, Consolidated Reporting and Outsourced Administration and the implications for Ext. CIOs, MFOs and SFOs. While it is seems fragmented he will present the exciting opportunities ever in our industry. Who will catch the exploding ... more

Tom's Sense
Critical Decisions - Current Landscapes (Video)

Tom Livergood, CEO, The Family Wealth Alliance: “The next three to five years is the most opportunistic and exciting time in our professional lives. Why? Because money is on the move.” Learn more of how you can use these strategic issues for your clients in his concluding ... more

Tom's Sense
Move Away from Over-Reliance (on Asset-Based Compensation)
Why the Clients Win & You Do Too
Tom Livergood, CEO, Family Wealth Alliance

We all have something to learn from the single-family offices. By and large they are not fixated on how to charge their family clients. Nor does their definition of success revolve around it. Some would say that the SFOs deliver the purist form of ... more

Tom's Sense
What Happened to the Other Trillion?
The Size, Number of Households, and Assets in the Family Wealth Sandbox
Tom Livergood, CEO, Family Wealth Alliance

A number of pontificators have thrown out their best guesses as to the size of the Family Wealth Sandbox. In many cases, we shake our heads: One recent study was released saying that the total sandbox (that is, the total liquid assets of households being served ... more

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